Vicky ClarkVicky Clark
I would 100% recommend driving with Pete! He’s a really calming and caring instructor, lovely to drive with!

Megan MardellMegan Mardell
Passed 1st time
Hi I am Megan Mardell. Pete was a very good coach/ instructor. He put me at ease and taught me everything I need to know making sure I was ready for test at Cardington. Pete was very patient with me when learning all the manoeuvres. I passed first time with just 2 minors.

Hi I am Bruna Vitorino. After having many instructors and not getting along with any of the, Pete was absolutely amazing. He helped me a lot with my techniques. He also helped build my confidence at driving and calmed me down when I needed it. He was calm in his manor and often laughing which made me feel very comfortable. I was very pleased I found Pete to teach me how to drive and guide me so I could pass my test. Thank you very much.

Ryan CraddockRyan Craddock
I found Pete’s driving lessons very informative and relaxed which helped me to concentrate.

He helped me identify the faults I was making, enabling me to instantly start to consider the problem and rectify it early. His coaching methods helped me trial techniques safely.

The LDC book is very well structured with many useful subheadings so you can pin-point specific issues and test yourself on the quizzes. There is a good section on the driving test itself which helps you understand what the examiner looks for and prepare for the ‘show me – tell me’ questions. The video clips on the disc/LDC hub are extremely useful as they let you see the manoeuvres and how the hazard drill works in action before you have to do it yourself.

Sam NeedhamSam Needham
Pete was a very good coach/ instructor. He put me at ease and taught me everything I need to know making sure I was ready for test at Leighton Buzzard. If it wasn’t for him I would not have passed first time with just 1 minor. Many thanks Pete.

Ahsan BokhariAhsan Bokhari
When coaching Pete really put me at ease. He let me practice all the bits I was nervous about in a safe manor to ensure I was ready for test. He is always very patient and helpful in his guidance. I would highly recommend him. Many thanks.

Taeyah SinclairTaeyah Sinclair
Hi I’m Taeyah, I passed my driving test with Pete. He teaches very well and ensures that he coaches me so I can practice in small simple steps. He also allows the structure of the lesson to be around the things I didn’t have confidence in. Pete also had great confidence in me which I’m sure gave me a boost. I would definitely recommend him for other learner drivers.

Iain GunnIain Gunn
I’m Iain and I am returning to driving after 6 hours with Pete Jones. Pete was a steady, constructive influence in his coaching. I feel my learning was at a smooth step by step pace with clear goals and feedback. Thank you.

Dovile JakekaityteDovile Jakekaityte
Passed 1st time
I'm Dovile Jakekaityte and I passed first attempt with only 23 hr of lessons with Pete Jones. He was amazing at coaching me through all the manoeuvres and he gave me many tips on how to do them. He allowed me to focus on things I was struggling with and re-attempted them constantly helped me get better fast. The LDC workbook also helped with explaining things as it gave clear instructions accompanied by pictures. I'm very happy I've passed and would highly recommend Pete as he is patient and extremely helpful. Thank you :)

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